Where To Stay When You Visit Greece

by | Oct 15, 2012 | travel

Having a place to return to every night that feels like home can make your vacation much more comfortable and enjoyable.  Feeling comfortable in your surroundings gives you the energy you need to get out and do things that are different and may be outside your comfort zone.  When you are planning your vacation, remember that you have a few options as far as different types of places to stay.  There are benefits and disadvantages to each type of lodging, and finding the right place is just a matter of deciding what is most important to you.  On your vacation, you will have the choice between a hotel room, a private home or a luxury villa in Chania.

Staying in a hotel room allows you many luxuries.  Your maid will come in once a day and replace your towels, make your bed, and generally clean up after you and the other guests with you.  The downside of a hotel room is that you may not have a kitchen to store food, and you may feel cramped and crowded if your vacation is long.  Not having anywhere to be by yourself can be frustrating if you are taking a long trip.

You also have the option of renting a private home while you are visiting.  While this affords you all the privacy that you would expect, it can also be considerably more expensive.  But with the additional cost, you may find that you have much more room.  When you rent a private home, there may not be a regular maid that comes in and cleans up after you and the other guests.  You will most likely pay an additional cleaning deposit for the owners to hire a cleaning service once you leave.

An option that is right between a hotel room and a private home is a luxury villa in Chania.  Villas resemble small private homes and have the option of being fully private or semi-private.  You also have the option of adding a pool, and will have maintenance come in and clean your room several times a week.  You get the room and the convenience of renting your own place without the crowding of a motel room.

When you are planning your Greek vacation, one of your best options will be a luxury villa in Chania.  While you may prefer the familiarity of a hotel room or the security of a private home, a villa is a great stop in between the two.  With a villa, you can view the gorgeous sunsets over the ocean from your own pool and private patio each night.

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