Why Best Frozen Yogurts Are Good For Your Health

There are several reasons to include frozen yogurts in your diet. Yogurts are popular food items and are counted among desserts. One of the chief reasons why frozen yogurts are counted among health foods is that these are made from milk and not from cream. Besides, these desserts have a very low fat content, which has made them popular among people who want to keep their  body weight in check. If you are planning to throw a party or celebrate a special event, you can serve your guests with best frozen yogurts. In this way, you can care for their health while making your event a success.

Here, are some of the points to help you understand why frozen yogurts are better than other desserts –

  • Nutritionists, opine that frozen yogurts can substitute ice creams, as these are fat free food items and hence, good on your system. The best frozen yogurts usually contain milk, gelatin, sweetener, and flavoring agents. In contrast to ice creams, which contain sugar and salt (in a proportionate amount), as well as artificial flavors, frozen yogurts contain honey or agave nectar as the sweetening agent. Honey has several medicinal benefits. Honey is a great energy booster, defender of body immunity and it also acts as a natural remedy for several ailments. Hence, including honey in it makes frozen yogurts a healthy food item.


  • There is a misconception that frozen yogurts are less healthy than the plain variety This is far from being true. Both plain and frozen variety of this dessert contains the same amount of nutrients – calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Hence, there is no difference, as far as nutritional benefits are concerned.


  • According to researchers, live cultures or presence of living organisms like strains of bacterium- Lactobacillus and Streptococcus which helps in the fermentation of milk to yogurt, makes this food item a healthy substitute for other desserts. Medicinal research has shown that live and active cultures, which helps in yogurt formation, produces an intestinal bacterium that protects humans against colon and breast cancer.


  • Also, frozen yogurts reduce lactose sugar (milk sugar) intolerance in our body, as well as fights intestinal infections and facilitates digestion of milk proteins.

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