Why Company Reports Are Not Enough for Stock Investors

Every time you invest in a stock, there should be a solid basis for that decision. Traders make their decisions from sources, such as charting or technical analysis, but a serious investor will want more information than that before they jump in to a new stock. It makes sense that you use the best tools to help you get better investment results.

Company reports are a great source of vital information, but wading through them for the nuggets are something all but the most dedicated of investors avoid. A better way to get the information you really need without spending time sorting the wheat from the chaff is from a reliable and clear source of analysis.

There are many ways to get this information broken down for you into the pieces that will help you make your investment and trading decisions. The cable financial networks have people on all day with opinions on stocks, as do the major websites. But you need more than the TV analysts reading of things. In this era of information overload, an aggregator of information that is reliable and accurate, is an investors best friend. Sites like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance provide much of this information in one place. Most online brokers will offer the same information as well, and will include screeners that give you their buy and sell signals.

One tool that does this really well is the Chaikin Power Tools stock reports  service. You can get a stock report on any of 5000 stocks, based on Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge rating. More than an aggregation tool, it compiles its ratings from 20 different factors, all weighted according to their proprietary formula. The tool also gives you the information behind the decisions, and allows you to easily drill down to what see more.
The bottom line is that information is power, but today there is often too much information for you to digest before the window of opportunity passes from view, so having access to the most relevant information in the easiest format is vital. Having the right information easily accessible is better than having volumes of information. The nuances of the reports and data that need to be studied to make a good investment decision are available to you, but not every source is reliable, so make sure yours is a good one.


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