Why Does the Bible Contain Prophecies?

The bible contains several prophecies, yet sometimes the non-believers state that they amount to nothing.  For example, when Moses went to the Pharaoh to warn him about the frightening plagues that are about to come, he took no notice. People would say why did Moses warn him, if the Pharaoh was his enemy? The answer is simple. Moses warned the Pharaoh because if he didn’t, the event would have been perceived as a natural occurrence. Many non-believers think that the plague was sent to punish the Pharaoh for his evil deeds, this is not the case. The plague was sent to save the Jews from captivity, as well as helping the Egyptians to avoid destruction from their own leader. Inevitably, it was the destruction that led to their freedom.

Leading the Lost

The bible contains prophecies to try and lead the lost away from the false prophets. It is easy to stray onto the path of darkness, especially when temptation and prosperity lies ahead. God shows his power through helping us, and helping others. He bestows his gift upon prophets and people of high faith, such as Moses and Noah. He gives these people the gift of God, so that they can lead the lost when it comes to Gods faith healing journey. Although this happened thousands of years ago, it still applies to our modern day lives. Prophets still operate under the word of God, and they are still to this day helping the lost find their path to salvation.

Finding Your Prophet

In the bible, God warns us about false prophets. This is something you need to consider when searching for your prophecy provider. Bishop Jordan is just one example of the true prophets that operate in this age, helping others find their path to God as well as providing them with the advice and the guidance they need to become a better person under the light of God. Bishop Jordan prophecies are free to request, so it has never been easier to get your free prophecy today. It can be tough to find which direction to take in life when you’re surrounded by sin and temptation, and a free prophecy can go a long way into changing your life for the better.

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