Why Go to a Cosmetic Dentist?

It seems like cosmetic dentistry is a modern procedure, but the value of good-looking teeth goes back into much earlier times than the 20th century.  With the rapid development of dental technologies and procedures in the past few decades, Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentist offices can now offer fast and dramatic ways to improve someone smile and the appearance of their teeth.  

Standard dentistry is used to keep one’s teeth and gums healthy, while cosmetic dentistry works to improve the appearance of the teeth or the overall look of the insides of one’s mouth. This includes the shape, evenness, straightness, color and color consistency of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry, like standard dentistry, also involves the gums. In standard dentistry the concern is the health of the gums and teeth, while Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentist clinics focus on the actual appearance of the gum line such as how straight and even the gums look around the teeth and how your teeth look.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many procedures that are used to even out the overall and individual shape of the teeth. Caps, bridges and crowns are used not only to protect damaged teeth, but also to cover and bind the teeth so they appear straighter and even without any unsightly gaps or chips. Porcelain veneers have become a very common technique in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are custom made shaped pieces that fit over the front of the tooth. Cosmetic shaping does not drastically alter the original tooth like orthodontic work does, but instead enhances the look of your teeth.  

One of the most common treatments or procedures performed by Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentist offices are teeth whitening. Although there are hundreds of over the counter products available to do this yourself, advances in cosmetic dentistry yield whitening solutions that are much more effective. These include laser whitening which is an application using professional strength bleaching gel that is placed over the front of your teeth and then targeting with special bursts of laser beams that can actually brighten teeth up to sixteen shades whiter.

Misshapen gums can be a cause for teeth looking misaligned or crooked, where there are dramatic differences in the rise and fall of the gum line.  Lombard IL Cosmetic Dentist offices can treat this in conjunction with the placement of veneers on your teeth. Another way it to clip the gums with very small snips that make the gum line recede in targeted areas so that it appears much more even.

The use of cosmetic dentistry procedures is not only to help a person achieve their desired look but to also help they feel better about the appearances of their teeth and gums.  When someone if confident about how their mouth looks, then they feel better overall. Also having a healthy mouth can prevent other health issues.  Cosmetic dentistry is not just for achieving enhancements to your natural appearance but is also used many times for reconstructive work to repair damage done by tooth disease.

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