Why Now is the Time to Embrace God

Every year you have moved further and further away from the church and God. You have led your life without spiritual guidance and are finding it harder and harder to feel fulfilled. The life you lead is full of choices and no matter how many bad choices you have made it is never too late to turn your life around. Whether you are feeling lost in your life or feel focused but lack spirituality, now is the perfect year to embrace God and join a welcoming congregation.

God is Waiting
Often we think that God does not seem to be available to help us. But the truth is that God is waiting for us. He wants you to open your heart so he can do something good for you. If you continue to live your life without opening your heart to God, he cannot help you. When you have total faith in God, you will slowly begin to feel God’s graces and the stronger your love and faith will become. Understanding God is waiting for you to act will make it easier to take steps to get closer to God.

Expect Good
You have often heard of the power of positive thought. What so many people do not realize is that God is the ultimate positive thought. With God in our thoughts we have the power of his positive influences and love. To truly believe is to truly feel his love and trust in his positive effects on your life. You have to turn your thoughts to God and watch how your thoughts will become more and more positive as your faith in God grows day by day. But you have to begin to expect good in order for good to find you.

Expel Negative Thoughts
Another message we often hear is that we must learn to expel negative thoughts from our minds. Our fears drive negative thoughts, fear of illness, loss, failure. All of these fears lead to negative thoughts. The beauty of having faith in God is that your faith will give you strength to remove the negative fears that make it possible for negative things to happen. Faith in God will help you eliminate negative thoughts so you can see God’s love and welcome it into your heart.

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