Why Shamanic Drumming is Used

When people first discover the world of shamans, they are usually particularly interested in the use of drumming. Shamanic drumming is a practice that is used by most people who consider themselves shaman and the act of drumming is extremely important in shamanic studies.

The Function of Drumming for a Shaman

The primary function of shamanic drumming is to help them shaman enter into an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance. Shaman will enter into a trance intentionally in order to nurture relationships, and even begin new relationships, with helping spirits. By entering into this altered state of consciousness, a shaman will be able to fully interact with their spirit helpers. This will help them to heal, gain wisdom and vital information that can not only help them along their journey, but to also help others.

The beating of the drums is done in a way so that a certain rhythm will help a shaman summon certain spirits. Typically a shaman will use a repertory of rhythms that they are familiar with in order to heal others and to connect with the spirits. Sometimes they will need to improvise a rhythm as well in order to assist in a unique situation. For a shaman, this drumming serves as a way to keep themselves anchored, yet allows them to call upon their support spirit who guides them in the spirit world.

Drumming Promotes Healing

The sound waves that are produced by drumming actually cause the brain to settle into a certain vibration pattern. It is no accident that we can, when we learn the proper methods, enter into a trance when our brainwaves are working at these frequencies. In addition to that, our spiritual energy is also falling in line with these vibrations. In fact, modern science has tested this in a laboratory setting and has found that drumming is able to boost the immune system and can serve as a way to calm and heal those with conditions like Alzheimer’s, autism, emotional problems, those dealing with substance abuse and those who have suffered extreme physical trauma.

You can learn the art of shamanic drumming at LightSong School by studying under a shaman. There is a wealth of information online as well as shamans that you will be able to connect with in your area.

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