Why You Should Use Clever Deck over Traditional Timber

If you want a strong, durable decking solution when it comes to your garden or backyard, then you should consider installing CleverDeck composite decking. Many people choose to build decks around their garden because it cuts down on the total maintenance required to sustain the appearance. Grass can easily become patchy, waterlogged and not to mention muddy. This can have an effect on the overall look of your outdoor area. By decking over your garden with CleverDeck, you can eliminate these issues and create a stunning deck that’s easy to maintain!

Benefits of Clever Deck

CleverDeck has many benefits. It’s eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled material including sawdust and post consumer wood and plastic waste. This is great for greens and anyone who wants to help the environment, as it gives you a decking option without having to use wood or timber cut from trees in the forest. Another great benefit of using CleverDeck is that it’s completely resistant to termites. This is a common problem with wood decking, because when the wood is moist it makes a perfect home for wood burrowing insects such as white ants, woodlice and termites. This will make your deck last longer, not to mention, its low maintenance, meaning minimised up-take time.

No Knots, Holes or Splinters

Because CleverDeck isn’t derived from wood, you’ll find that it doesn’t contain any splinters protruding from the deck. This makes it easier and safer to install whilst at the same time knowing you have a solid deck that lasts when it comes to harsh weather conditions. One problem with wooden decking is that the sap from the wood can often seep onto the surface, and this can sometimes discolour the overall appearance of the wood as well as weaken it. CleverDeck doesn’t have this problem, and it won’t warp under intense heat or cold weather conditions. This makes it a great investment, and it can go a long way when you’re trying to make your outdoor area more manageable in terms of maintenance. CleverDeck is a great investment and you will definitely reap the benefits by using this alternative decking method today.

Futurewood is an Australian wide provider of alternative decking materials. They have CleverDeck currently available in a wide range of stores across the Country. Contact them today to find out more.

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