Have You Ever Wondered How Critics Rate Broadway Shows?

For those people that have been to at least one or more Broadway performances it is sometimes a mystery to try to decide how critics rate Broadway shows. This mystery is never more evident than when two reviewers, attending the same performance on the same night, have completely different reviews of the evening’s events.

The reasons that this can happen include a wide range of different issues. It can be as simple as a critic that doesn’t like a particular style or personality on the stage to perhaps not being as open to new interpretations or methods. However, whatever causes the issue, when critics rate Broadway shows very differently it can cause a lot of confusion for those trying to decide if they want to attend.

The Human Factor

When top critics rate Broadway shows they are not supposed to be without their own opinions and preferences, which is the human factor in a review. In fact, many people follow specific critics because they have found that they enjoy the same types of performances as the critic and value that opinion and perspective.

However, when the opinion of the critic is based on disliking a particular actor or acting method, it can result in a real problem when they rate Broadway shows. A top critic understands how to review a performance and give an opinion without being overly biased because of these person issues.

Actual Knowledge and Passion

When critics rate Broadway shows they have to have a true passion for the arts and an above average understanding of what it takes to act, manage, produce and direct. They may not have held all these jobs but they have worked within the industry for long enough to understand the field.

Another important consideration for a top critic is if they actually understand the play itself. For example, if the message is political, does the critic really have knowledge of the topic or subject matter? Without this understanding and knowledge his or her opinion is unfounded and probably not an accurate review of the message of the play.

Being a critic and having to rate Broadway shows is not an easy job. However, as a theatre goer, discovering a critic that has similar taste and preferences to yours can really help you deciding which performance to take in and which one to pass. Contact Broadway Audience for more information.

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