Workers Compensation Palm Springs: Getting Your Benefits

While employers know they are legally required to pay workers compensation should you hurt yourself in the course of employment, some may choose to be negligent and disregard the law. Other times, you as the employee may not know what you are entitled to.  

So, what exactly are you entitled to in terms of workers compensation Palm Springs?
1. Medical care to help you recover from the injury or illness
2. Temporary disability compensation if you lose pay during your recovery period
3. Permanent disability compensation if you fail to recover completely
4. Supplemental job displacement compensation to help you retain or enhance your skill should you not recover completely
5. Death benefits which is payable to your next of kin if you die from work related injury or illness

Consequently, in case of a job related injury, you should find out what you are entitled to before you go ahead and say you are fine. To facilitate the process, you will need to do the following:

1.  Inform your supervisor immediately. If the injuries develop over time, make a report as soon as possible. Doing this will prevent delays in receiving medical care or benefits. If your employer does not learn about it on time, you might lose your right to get workers compensation benefits.
2. Get assistance from the Palm Springs Division of Workers Compensation.
3. File a lawsuit.

How an attorney can help you

Hiring a lawyer to help you with the process is significant as the compensation law is very complex. These attorneys also know the tactics used by employers to avoid making compensations for your injury or illness. To this effect, they are dedicated to helping you resolve any disputes that may arise in relation to your compensation benefits by explaining your rights, benefits, and responsibilities. Your attorney can also provide you with more information in regards to what you employer’s responsibilities are in relation to your case, give you more information on the claim process, represent you in the court of law and handle all paperwork involved

When should you hire a workers compensation Palm Springs Lawyer?

Never sit on your compensation claim. Instead, hire a legal expert as soon as possible. This will ensure you beat any set deadlines and that you get the right compensation as dictated by the law. You may hire a legal representative if:

1. Your injury or illness is work related yet your claims were denied.
2. You only received part of your treatments or compensation benefits for the injury.
3. There is an increase in your injury, illness or disability yet payments are late.
4. You lost a loved one from a work related injury or illness.
5. Your employer has not subscribed to insurance for workers compensation.

If you are seeking worker’s compensation, you need the support of a dedicated workers compensation lawyer, and will help you. For more information visit

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