Beating Your Health Issues with Acupuncture Iowa City

Long gone are the days when acupuncture used to be an art left for unprofessional quacks with professionals either practicing in major cities at ridiculous charges or out of the country. The Acupuncture Iowa City is now available to all who care to sample the healing powers of the ancient art.

In simple words, acupuncture is able to attain its final ends by manipulating pressure points in the body by the use of long slender pins that are stuck lightly into the body at predefined positions. The positions will vary with respect to the type of condition that the procedure targets to heal in that specific patient.

Practitioners of the art back in China believe that acupuncture works by balancing the flow of energy (chi) in the body. Chi is believed to flow in the body along pathways (meridians) that can be manipulated to restore a balance which they believe is offset by any ailment or disorder.

However, this explanation will just not appeal to the senses of many intellectuals in the 21st century. Modern medicine has established that the pins will stimulate the body’s nervous system which in turn triggers the release of chemicals native to the body that are capable of healing the problems dogging it. Acupuncture can therefore be seen as a stimulator of the body’s natural healing process.

With a long list of possible solutions that it can be used to attain, the technique can easily be labeled safe and with no side effects. This is not the case. After a procedure, the body is bound to be sore from the pin pricks and sometimes slight bleeding is normal. In cases where it is administered by non-professionals, there is the probability of infections by dirty working environments and injury of internal body organs if the pins are pushed in too deep. However, all these woes can be avoided if you identify the right expert to do the job for you. Licensed acupuncture Iowa City gives an insurance of your health and at least a name to sue in case things go awry.

Better still, most of the acupuncture experts who practice in Iowa combine western medicine with the acupuncture procedures. This means that the patients will be given a stronger cocktail that can do away with whatever monster that is bogging them as soon as possible with the least side effects possible

At a glance, the thought of having long shiny pins sticking on the skin is a painful and repelling one. The fact is that anyone who has undergone acupuncture can assure you that the pain involved is minimal. Better still, what is a little pain compared to the probability of being stuck with a lifetime health complication either directly from your ailment or as side effects from medication.



Acupuncture can be the safest and most effective treatment for various health ailments and can also be useful for eliminating your body pain. For more information, visit

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