How is sexual harassment in Los Angeles defined?

First, a definition of sexual harassment in Los Angeles. Sexual harassment is intimidation, coercion or threat of a sexual nature or the unwelcome promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors, this according to Wikipedia. Sexual harassment is illegal and is far reaching. The law has proven to be very liberal in sexual harassment cases and the harassment does not even have to be sexual in nature, a simple derogatory comment about women in general is enough to classify as sexual harassment.

Because of this wide variety of definitions it can be hard for a victim to determine what the strength of the claim is and if the claim in the mind of the individual is strong, what are the steps to follow. Sexual harassment in Los Angeles is best handled by a lawyer as it will invariably end up in court. Generally speaking if the injured employee feels as if he or she has been harassed it will fall under one of two conditions. The first condition is referred to as “quid pro quo” which in Latin means “this for that”. In a sexual harassment connotation it means that an employer or a supervisor makes a sexual advance and makes submission a condition for either favorable employment terms or to avoid adversity.

The second condition that precludes sexual harassment in Los Angeles is the creation of a hostile working environment. To get the case to court, sexual harassment caused by a hostile work environment often requires the actual touching of an individual or a threat of touching. This is seen as sexual battery. If the hostile environment alters the conditions of employment courts have will demand that proof be given that the acts of harassment are not just occasional or isolated. A continued pattern of harassment must be proven and it must show repeated or routine abuse for the case to prosper.

Spreading of malicious rumors are also cause to claim sexual harassment in Los Angeles, this is seen as defamation of character and is a form of harassment. Gender discrimination is also grounds, it does not require any contact or specific abuse, it is when an individual directs abuse at a gender in general, even though the yelling and ranting does not have sexual context.

Sexual harassment does not only take place in the workplace, there are also issues between professionals and their clients. The professionals most at risk are physicians, dentists, psychotherapists, real estate agents and any other person who may be in a position of control and uses that control to solicit untoward sexual favor. The claims in a case like this can include emotional distress, false imprisonment, stalking and invasion of privacy.

Sexual harassment in Los Angeles is not gender related, either male or female can be subjected to harassment. If you think you are being sexually harassed a Harvard trained lawyer can be your best friend during this very trying period in your life.

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