Broadway Fan Site Creates a Niche

If you love theater and have long desired to be a theater critic and review shows, desire no longer. There is now a Broadway fan site where you and others like you can go to be read. Remember all those times you have seen a show, read the critics’ reviews and thought "I would love to write about that one?" Now, you and a community of theater lovers from around the globe can meet, greet and discuss shows that will inform, entertain and provoke thought among others of like mind. Reviewing for an audience of fans who scan critiques daily in search of the best show to attend carries quite a few perks.

The above named site provides fans with the opportunity to:

  • interact and talk to others who have discovered this great site.

  • contribute thoughtful, insightful writing for those seeking information about shows.

  • learn what others are saying about Broadway shows.

  • recommend favorite shows to others.

  • post and rate reviews about which they are writing.

  • go onto Facebook and Twitter to continue reading about this site’s content.

  • contribute background information in order to find other fans who are of like age group, gender, and/or mindset.

All the pluses for clicking on this site indicate that there is much to gain. Broadway theater lovers everywhere click on, chime in and compare opinions about the worst and the best of shows they have seen and heard about. What’s in your pocketful of opinions? The latest show that presents romance, mystery, history, song? There isn’t a person on Earth who doesn’t have opinions. Not all of them get to go online and share thoughts and feelings about the shows that are playing.

Imagine yourself a critic in a popular restaurant for the community of Broadway players. You are sitting at a table in the midst of distinguished, well-known critics and artists. Now, take a sip of Perrier and set aside your Cob salad in order to complete a review that will make or break some of those well-known, distinguished critics and artists. When you have completed your final thoughts, save your review, click on the Broadway fan site that has made your "review by fan" possible and join in the conversation. Browse for more information.

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