Cast Rebellion out of your Heart and Mind

Many people mistake rebellion for the courage displayed by people such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi. However the courage displayed by these men was not rebellion but instead the strength to rise above in order to overcome adversity. Rebellion is a negative action you take that resists authority and can lead to sin and crime. It is important to recognize when rebellion is rising in your heart and learn to cast it out so you can stay on the right track. A Bishop Jordan Prophecy can help you avoid rebellion in your heart and mind and learn to live life as God intended for you.

Rebellion Shows Itself

Rebellion often enters our hearts and minds as we discover who we are in our teens. However, rebellion often takes us further away from who we are and leads us down a path we do not want to explore. Rebellion in the heart of a teen can be dangerous as their hearts and minds are not equipped to deal with rebellion and reject it. The devil knows this and this is why he so often uses rebellion to tempt teens to become rebellious against their parents, their schools, their community and even the authorities such as the police. A Bishop Jordan Prophecy can remind teens about their worth and how much God loves them and believes in them. This can give teens the confidence they need to rise above rebellion and instead choose growth and strength over turning their backs on their faith, families and community.

Rebellious Attitude and Mind

A rebellious attitude and mind can stay with you beyond your teen years. It can sneak up on you and cause you to make bad choices. A rebellious mind can tempt you to rebel against the sanctity of your marriage, rebel against following the rules and laws of society and even rebel against the care of your body leading to substance abuse or promiscuous living. Recognizing all of these temptations take the form of a rebellious heart and mind can help you be prepared to fight against it. Being prepared in your heart with God’s love will give you the strength to overcome the call of rebellion.

A Bishop Jordan Prophecy can help you overcome the urge to rebel and instead lead an honest and productive life. You can visit for guidance and information.

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