True Change requires Meditation and Guidance

How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and were not 100 percent satisfied with what you see? How many times did you come home from work and decide it was time to make a change to your job? How many times did you say or do something you were not proud of and decide you were going to try to be a better person? All of these thoughts are normal in most of us yet we rarely do much to change ourselves. A Free Personal Prophecy can offer you the guidance you require to help you meditate on God’s intent for you and help you make the changes you wish to make in earnest.

Another Day

Everyday you tell yourself it is time for a change is another day you let opportunity slip you by if you do not act. Before true and effective change can take place you must make a commitment to change the way you think. Most of us are unable to stick to our goals for change, whether it is living healthier, losing weight or being a better person, because we do not first change the way we think. Every day you don’t take that first step to change is another day wasted.

How you think

Meditation allows you to learn how to think more effectively. Instead of letting your mind wander with worrisome thoughts and negative influences, meditation helps you learn to hone your focusing skills so you can begin to change the way you think in order to allow you to truly make changes in your life. When you have a free personal prophecy you will begin to understand what God wants you to do, how he can help and how to open your heart to allow him to provide you guidance. Meditation is the best way to come into contact with your thoughts and to learn to see them and change them to a more positive and loving mindset.

Not Enough to Try

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That is why it is not enough to simply try to be a better person. You have to take the steps to become a better person. A free personal prophecy is the ideal guide to get you started on your journey to change for the better, stop trying and start doing.

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