Putting God first will bring you Happiness

God can wind up further and further down your list of priorities but have you ever stopped to realize the further God is down the list the more hectic your life becomes? It is easy to believe God has been pushed to the back burners because you are so busy. However have you ever stopped to consider it is perhaps the other way around? That the further God falls on your list of priorities the more hectic your life becomes? It is important to learn the lesson that your faith is what keeps life at an even keel and makes navigating priorities and challenges easier. Finding time for God in your life is one of the priorities Bernard Jordan Ministries helps their congregation keep.

Jostling for Attention

There are many things that might be jostling for your attention: the kids, school, work, health, your spouse. All of these things can make your mind become unbalanced and foggy and each day you will find your priorities are changing and not for the good. They say that life provides us with five glass balls we all must learn to juggle: family, work, spirit, health and friends. Consider how fragile a glass ball is and what will happen if you drop one. It will shatter and can never be replaced. Consider then out of all of the balls which one is actually rubber and allows you to bounce back. The only rubber ball in life is your work. You can always find something else to do or another job or career to pursue if you drop the ball. That means that work should always be at the bottom of your list.

Four Glass Balls

That leaves you with four glass balls left to juggle. Bernard Jordan Ministries can help you learn why putting God and spirit first will bring you happiness. A healthy mind and body is the gift of faith. That means that if you can put God first in life you will only have two glass balls left to juggle: family and friends. Being there will be easy as pie when you have the strength of God’s love as your number one priority to guide you in caring for friends and family. With peace of mind it will be easier to find success in your career and all of your priorities will finally be straight.

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