Combine SEO with SMM to Get Digital Candy

Are you an online marketer looking for a way to take your company over the edge in 2013? If you are tried all the old tricks and still can’t seem to get a leg up on the competition, the best solution is to incorporate the one recipe that guarantees success. By combining SEO and SMM, you are guaranteed to get results. Let’s take a closer look at how these two components can work together to create a marketing master plan.

Let’s start with SEO. Search engine optimization is a science that is constantly changing. It seems that as soon as you master one technique, it all changes and you are left to try to figure out something new to keep up with changing search engine algorithms. Despite the many changes to SEO, there are still a few rules that can guide you along the way. Primarily, you should focus your time and energy on amazing content. No matter how well you optimize your keywords and incorporate meta tags, you won’t build any credibility with your audience unless you offer them good content. Make it a point to create new information for your readers on a regular basis. Aim to publish new articles or blog posts at least three times per week. Give your readers the option to subscribe and try to incorporate plenty of long tail keywords in your posts.

Once you start publishing great content for SEO, the next step is to add in SMM, also known as social media marketing. Use social media outlets to pump up your readership and create buzz about your products and services. Every time you release new content, start promoting it with social media. Twitter is a great place to start. It only takes a few minutes to compose a tweet and broadcast it to thousands. Use relevant hash tags to attract attention and draw new followers. It doesn’t take long for a really great post to go viral if you shoot it out over Twitter with a good hash tag.

Next, move your SMM campaign to Facebook. Create a place where your fans can check out links to your newest content, see quick updates, and engage in discussions. Facebook is a good way to encourage your readers to share their favorite posts with others. It’s also an easy way to create momentum through giveaways and contests.

By using both search engine optimization and social media marketing, you can leverage all the tools in your arsenal and make them work together to you ultimate results. While search engine optimization techniques are powerful to gain organic traffic, you can make them even better by combining social media marketing to set your marketing plan over the top.

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