Contemporary Portrait Paintings for both Pleasure and Investment

Mona Lisa by Leonardo De Vinci has always been one popular piece of art that has been copied and replicated thousands of times to adorn homes and offices including art galleries. The painting which is supposedly a portrait of Lisa Gherardini is in oil and was created sometime between 1503 and 1506. The Mona Lisa has continued to intrigue and fascinate people because of its enigmatic smile. It might be impossible to duplicate the fame and popularity of the Mona Lisa but definitely there are Contemporary Portrait Paintings that can be considered both for pleasure and investment.

During the Middle Ages, people had their portraits painted by well renowned artists and which now hang in old homes as a reminder of the past generation of ancestors. More often, the subjects of the portrait paintings were kings and queens who wanted to preserve their images long after they have left this world. It is not surprising if some of us have stood over a Contemporary Portrait Painting staring at it and contemplating why on earth a portrait has to be painted when there are digital cameras.

Sitting for hours having the portrait painted can be a hassle but the end result is a magnificent work of art from extremely well experienced hands. There are certainly numerous artists around the world who can create impressive and original Portrait Paintings that can be a focal point for décor or a final touch in a room. It can even be an excellent gift to yourself which you can hang inside your own bedroom.

A portrait painting can be a perfect gift to a love one or a cherished friend. Since you will mostly want it to be a surprise, you can inquire from several portrait painters whether they can paint using a photograph without requiring the subject to sit for hours. The appearance will definitely be different since it is done by hand and not through a gadget. The end product is usually unique and stylish to complement any room. The natural appearance of being hand-painted and not taken by a high-end camera adds mystique to the image.

Portrait paintings can hold their color and quality over the years as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight or water. It is also a better option to keep the painting at an even temperature to assure that it can be passed on to the next generation. There is no better decorative piece than having a portrait painting that can enhance the beauty of the subject. To complement the portrait, a frame can be used, though some look more elegant without frames. It also minimizes the amount that you have to pay for the portrait painting.

However, not everyone relishes having their portrait painted as they would rather have a landscape or some other subject matter that is more captivating. On the other hand, any kind of painting certainly enhances a room especially when done vividly and in a life-like manner. Especially when it comes to an original painting, it can be considered as a personal investment for both pleasure and appreciation.

Contemporary Portrait Painting can be considered as great gift since it takes time and effort to have something made that can be considered timeless and personalized. For more details, visit website

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