Enjoy an Exciting East African Safari

East African countries are popular for different reasons. One of the most outstanding aspects about these countries is the tourist destinations. In addition to hosting visitors every year, popular holiday destinations in this region always give tourists a perfect getaway. The East African safari is particularly popular because it gives individuals an opportunity to enjoy the stunning balance between human life, flora, fauna, culture, environment and development.

Home to some of the rarest species of wild animals, East African countries always give their visitors a reason to smile. Most tourists visit destinations in this part of the globe for family vacations or honeymoons. Touring this region will make it easier for you to explore and discover the exciting destinations. Some of the most common destinations you can visit include the following tourist attractions.

The Maasai Mara National reserve in Kenya – This park is home to millions of wild animals. Wildebeests usually migrate across the river Mara to the Serengeti National park from here. The park also borders the home to the Maasai community who wear the beautiful Maasai shuka.

Serengeti National park in Tanzania – This park is home to different wild animals. It is well known for the wildebeest migration.

Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria national parks in Kenya – These parks are well known for their large number of birds. The pink flamingos are the main attraction in these parks though other wild animals are also found in here.

Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda – This scenic landscape around this lake is picturesque.

The Nairobi National park in Kenya – This is the only national park in a capital city in the world. It is perfect for an East African safari because it gives visitors a chance to enjoy game drives and camping. The park is only a few kilometres from the city and the airport.

Gisozi Genocide memorial centre and Nyamata church in Rwanda – These two centres serve as museums. They were built in honour of the people who died during the 1994 genocide attacks.

Mombasa in Kenya – This is a coastal city. Most visitors frequent this island city to enjoy the warm sandy beaches and many other attractions in it. Fishing, beach volley ball and sunbathing are just a few of the activities visitors engage in.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – This is the highest mountain peak in Africa. It is also the world’s highest free standing mountain. Its height gives mountain climbers a challenge to conquer.

If you want to enjoy mountain climbing, swimming, bird watching, walk trips, fishing or scenic views, East Africa should be one of your holiday destinations. The attractions in this region are so beautiful and engaging. They often give visitors a perfect East African safari experience! The beauty in this part of the world is rich and diverse too. To fully explore East Africa’s beauty, you should visit the different destinations. East African safaris are always educative and a great source of adventure.

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