The Basics on Reseller Hosting in the UK

Reseller hosting is a win/win situation for service providers and equipment owners. In layman’s terms, reseller hosting occurs when a service provider purchases hosting services and sells them to third parties. Reseller hosting in the UK is a way to connect providers of hosting infrastructure with webmasters.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Hosting resellers have two main benefits. First, they can profit by buying hosting services and selling them at a higher price; secondly, they don’t have to handle hosting issues as they’re referred back to the original provider.  UK Reseller Hosting requires no technical knowledge, but it does require some marketing skills. The server provider handles software and hardware issues, while you take care of customer service and advertising.

Available Packages

Reseller accounts are available with private servers, free site transfers, uptime guarantees, database management, email accounts and complete control.  UK Reseller Hosting accounts also come with control panels which are transferable to the site owner. These control panels allow site owners to control and access subdomains, email accounts and passwords. Some reseller accounts are equipped with extras such as shopping carts, customized error pages, firewalls, systems management, spam blockers and support.

Factors to Consider with Reseller Hosting

Reseller packages are a great idea if you’re planning to set up multiple websites or hosting multiple domains. Resellers can buy plans in bulk and subdivide the resources, withholding some for personal use if desired. Control panels, database use, FTP accounts and domains are all factors which can determine package costs.

With reseller hosting, several websites can share resources. However, it differs from shared hosting in that a single admin buys the reseller account at a wholesale rate. Site owners may have differing requirements as to web and disk space, and as a hosting reseller you can divide packages according to those requirements.

Linux and Windows hosting services are available, complete with data centers and customer support to meet all requirements. Hosting service providers also offer assistance with cPanel, MySQL and PHP for resellers. If you would like to break into the hosting business with a minimum of hassle, a UK reseller hosting account may be right for you.

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