Finding the Best Photographer for your Portrait Picture

Not everyone likes to have their photo taken and many people find it an odd experience, sitting in front of a camera and smiling. It can be very uncomfortable too, posing for pictures. So, if you decide that you want to have a portrait photo of yourself or you and your family, you probably need to find a photographer who will put you at ease and make you feel better about being there.

Children can be especially difficult to take photographs of under such controlled circumstances and it’s important to have a photographer who can keep their attention focused long enough to take a good picture.  New York City is huge and there will be many photography studios in NYC that would be able to help you take the perfect shot of you and your family.


We might want to have our photo taken in a professional setting for many reasons. Some people like to have their own photo on the Christmas and Holiday cards they send out to family and friends. It can be a story of how their children are growing and can be a pleasant gift to other members of the family whom they don’t see very often.

Weddings do not always have the right lighting or setting and sometimes couples may choose to take studio photographs with their professional wedding photographer to enhance their wedding pictures.  Birthdays and special family occasions are also another reason why people like to have a special photograph of their memories.

They may also want a specific picture to hang in their own home as a symbol of their closeness, or they may want a portrait picture for a portfolio. Whatever the reason, a photographic studio will have the right lighting, the right backgrounds and possibly costumes or clothes to wear in order to set the scene.

A good photography studios NYC area will have that and all the latest equipment to bring you the best photograph. The photographer should be skilled in bringing out the best in each shot they take and use the best lighting to make you look your ultimate.

When you have your first consultation with a potential photographer ask whatever questions you like that you feel will help you understand the process.  During the consultation your photographer will walk you through how the session will work. Initially you will probably be asked to sit in a comfy chair or chair of your choice. The photographer will ask you to sit as comfortable as possible and stage the scene so that you look as natural as possible. You may be asked to just relax and let the photographer just take candid shots while they speak to you. This will help you get used to the camera. Any other questions you need to ask will be answered and you can then decide to book an appointment.

To find a suitable photography studios in NYC, contact Staci Brennan Photography to find out about their services and options.

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