Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Children deal with divorce differently than adults.  They can go through a dark period where they blame themselves, and depending on how old they are, may not understand exactly what the situation means.  When talking to a child about divorce, there are certain things that you should and should not do.  Here are a few tips on how to approach this sensitive situation with younger people.

Don’t Try to Hide It

The worst thing that you can do is try to hide a difficult situation like divorce from a child.  They’re very inquisitive, and often have the ability to sense when there’s unease and tension in the home.  You can seek a family law attorney in Mesa AZ to help you find a professional to talk with your child, but make sure that you approach the situation sensitively.  Above all, be honest and let the child know what is going on, and how it will affect their lives.  Be sure to explain to them that it’s not their fault, and that they’re still loved by both parents.

Be Available to Talk

Once you inform your child about the divorce, they’ll more than likely want to talk about it.  Be available for them, and encourage them to have dialogue about the situation.  This may mean that you have to come home from work early a few times a week, or that you make time for them on the weekends to just sit and chat.  Dialogue is very important during this difficult time, and your child will need to talk as much as possible in order to express their feelings.  If you’re not comfortable doing this alone, you can always seek the assistance of a family law attorney in Mesa AZ.

Allow Them to Express Their Feelings

Every child responds to divorce differently, and they may often express feelings of anger, and sadness.  Allow them to fully express these emotions, and take time to help them navigate through these feelings.  This is an important healing process that many people tend to overlook when dealing with divorce.  If they lash out at you, know that it’s not intentional, but a way for them to heal.  Talk with your family law attorney in Mesa AZ about how to seek the best counseling for your child, for as long as they may need it.

When you’re going through a divorce, children can be affected in different ways.  Seek the help of a family law attorney in Mesa AZ to find out how to navigate the situation legally, and where to get some emotional support for your child.  Visit to get all the help that you need during this difficult time in your life.

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