Her Own Style: A Professional Belly Dancer in New York

Inside the world of performance, music and dance are deeply intertwined with one another. Entertainers are often trained to be well versed in both. Many long days and nights are spent working to achieve recognition for what is no less than pure art. Separate from the media juggernauts that create fashionable pop stars, there are men and women who have spent their entire lives becoming educated in their arts. Their performances are rich in cultural substance, in the fusion of new and old music, and the art of recreating something that has already been perfected. Rimi Basu is a professional belly dancer in New York. She is one of the many artists blending multiple cultures together in their art.

Brought up in Washington D.C., Rimi Basu was raised by immigrant parents from India who believed in the importance of passing on their cultural legacy to their daughter. She began learning Indian music and dance from a tender age of 5. As she grew up in the US, she grew to appreciate various genres of American music in parallel. It wasn’t until college when Rimi decided not to pursue medical school despite her family’s wishes, behind that she really began pursuing her career in music and dance. Rimi traveled the world, going first to Calcutta, India to learn from Ajoy Chakrobarty, a renowned classical vocalist, as well as other teachers.

Following her training, Rimi began to perform and produce her own albums. She has infused her Bollywood style with a flair of the American pop, rap, and hip-hop she grew up with in the United States. Her deep aspirations to perform have led her to the stage for audiences in India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and now in the United States. Dedicated to her performance skills as a professional belly dancer in New York, Rimi performs at various venues big and small.

Her hard working attitude has made her successful as a performer. Through continuous musical study, Rimi Basu has made her performances unique. It is obvious that she is passionate about her music, and she loves entertaining her fans.

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