How Witnessing love can show others how to Love God

There is a wonderful children’s book called “Green Eggs and Ham”. The story speaks of a character who is convinced he hates “green eggs and ham” yet in fact he has never actually tried them. Yet when he tries them he quickly proclaims he loves them. It is easy to decide we dislike something that we have never experienced. However, people who live life with preconceived notions can often keep themselves from finding many of life’s true joys. One of the joys that many so easily shrug off is Christianity, not because they are of another religion but because they do not have faith of any kind.

Experience God’s Love

It is possible that someone without faith could truly learn to love God if they experienced the power of his love. For example, if someone were to walk in off the street into a church on a Sunday morning when people were singing God’s praises with a beautiful choir and the light was streaming in through the stained glass windows it is possible they could suddenly have an epiphany. They might suddenly realize when they experience others’ love for God that God’s love is bringing these people great joy. It might just turn on a light bulb in their mind and in their hearts that they could very well have been wrong about faith.

Living God’s Message

Imagine how you could affect someone without faith who suddenly sees God’s love at work. You are the person who can teach someone the power of faith through your actions everyday. If you live the life of Jesus being charitable, selfless and full of love that love will touch a new person everyday. And one of these days it will be someone who has lived without faith who suddenly sees God’s love through you and wants to share that love. That is why God wishes us to walk in his light and share his word with others. Your bible prophecy online offers new teachings everyday on how you can learn to share God’s word by living the life he intended for you. It can also provide insight on how God shows himself to the world everyday to keep your faith strong.

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