Understanding what God Intended

Author C.S. Lewis believed that as Christians we should not think God loves us because we are good, but instead that God will help us be good because he loves us. That sounds like a simple concept but so many people do not believe this to be true. When you learn to understand what God has intended for you your life will become easier and things will begin to make sense. God wants you to use his love not only to be good but also to be happy.

Where are you going?

Everyday is an opportunity to make your life better. To learn from your mistakes and live for the things that makes you happy. God wants you to be happy and everyday he let’s you know how to be happy. Most people miss God’s cues. If you are looking for God’s signals and still can’t find them a Bernard Jordan prophecy can help guide you. You can ask for answers and God will send them. However sometimes it is difficult to spot them and it makes it harder for you to keep along the right path. It makes it harder to know where you are going.

Questions Answered

Understanding what God has intended for us is like having all of our questions answered. You will understand what has to be done with whatever has caused you to struggle. Some people are frightened because they have lost their job. Some people are worried about health. Others feel lost and are not sure where their talents lie or feel they are lacking the skills to do well in life. A Bernard Jordan Prophecy can help provide you with guidance to help find your way out of trouble and to help you move towards happiness.

God helps us to be good

Faith is the guiding light that will help you to be good. God’s love provides you with everything you need. When you believe this you will begin to see how to be good and in turn how to be happy. A personal prophecy gives you personal guidance from God that can be applied to real troubles you are experiencing here and now. With insight into God’s intentions for you it will be easier to find your way and find the true happiness that God’s wants for all of us.

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