Injuries To Children Can Cause Lifetime Challenges

If your child has been injured or disfigured in an accident contact an Accident Attorney in Springfield immediately to understand your rights under the law.  Childhood injuries can have lasting detrimental affects throughout their life.  Whether from burns, head or neck injuries, dog bites, or poorly engineered products, compensation may be available to you and your child for medical expenses and pain and suffering.  As part of a medical malpractice situation, infants may be harmed during birth, may be involved in a vehicle accident, or injured as the result of a product’s faulty design and manufacturing.  In all of these situations, financial remedies may be available however time is of the essence.  

Children Injured In Car Accidents

Car seats do not guarantee children won’t be maimed or injured during an auto accident; but they do provide safety in most cases.  However, in an accident a child may be injured by a defective car seat, a faulty airbag, or a seat belt that fails at the worst possible time.  As with adults, injuries from automobile accidents can range from slight to severe and can include head, neck or spinal cord injuries, burns or deep lacerations, and more.  All of these injuries are costly both in time and financial resources. Contact an Accident Attorney in Springfield as quickly as you can after the accident to ensure you have an advocate fighting for you.

Injury in Children From Negligence Of Daycare Provider

Two income families today are the norm, not the exception.  Because of this, many families choose to place their children in the hands of daycare centers and providers to ensure their wellbeing and safety.  Most daycare facilities are dedicated to providing safe and effective care for the children, however in some cases when a child is injured, it may be the result of negligence.  Daycare facilities that under-staff, have an unsafe facility or equipment, or who allow reckless behavior of the children are at risk for the children in their care becoming injured.  Under the law, if your child has been injured while at daycare, you may have a personal injury claim against the owner, corporation or employees.  Call an Accident Attorney in Springfield today to learn about the compensation available under the law.

Childhood Injury Due To Product Flaws

Over the years, headlines have warned us that there are many products available that are dangerous to children.  Strollers, cribs, window blinds, toys, airbags, car seats, and more have been proven to have caused injuries and deaths in our children. The inherent design or manufacturing of consumer products, when flawed, can and does cause injuries.  A personal injury attorney with specialized knowledge and expertise in the areas of product liability is needed for these types of cases.

Personal injuries are frightening, painful and confusing for all of us.  When it is a child that has been injured, disfigured, or incapacitated, it is even more heartbreaking.  Immediately after medical attention, it is vital that you call a personal injury attorney to learn your rights under the law.  Remember, never sign any documentation, agreements or paperwork presented to you by an insurance company prior to review by an Accident Attorney in Springfield, New Jersey.

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