Preparing and Serving Oysters From Charleston for a Tasty Meal

Even though you might enjoy a delicious plate of seafood, you might want something aside from the traditional components. Oysters are an option to consider and can be prepared in a variety of ways and with several side items. Here are a few tips to consider for storing oysters and preparing them.


If you don’t plan on preparing fresh oysters from Charleston, SC, stores right away, then you can store them for a short time to preserve the taste and quality of them. Try to eat the oysters within about two or three days of storing them so that they are fresh. A tray can be used to store oysters in your refrigerator. If you’re going to shuck them, then avoid storing the oysters, eating them a short time after they are shucked.

Getting Clean

As with many other kinds of seafood, you want to clean fresh oysters from Charleston, SC, in the proper manner. Wash the shell with cold water, scrubbing away any dirt or debris on the outside. If you notice any cracks or other damage to the shells, then you want to dispose of those oysters instead of eating or saving them.

Serving And Eating

The items that you eat with oysters will depend on what you like. You can coat the oysters and fry them, eating them alone or with fries, hushpuppies, or similar items. Another option would be to prepare the oysters with butter and garlic before serving with pasta.

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