Seeing the Silver Lining in All Broadway Shows

Fans come from all across the world to see the Lion King. It is the king of all Broadway shows, and tickets are hard to come by. The event is a spectacular success, and fans eyes are glowing with excitement as they leave the venue. Parents are infused with childlike delight fueled by nostalgia and appreciation for something they love. On the other side of the spectrum sits the children who are wide-eyed and admiring toward the puppetry, narration, and brilliant story.

It all ends, and fans of all ages are left with the memories. This is all fine, but many people wish there was something more beyond that. Broadway Audience captures the imaginative fervor of that first night leaving the venue. They organize thoughts and discussions from all across the globe in a contemplative and intriguing online forum. Discussions surface surrounding a wide assortment of shows. They all have a presence in this new format. Cult classics continue that niche audience that has adored the shows for decades. Brand new summer phenomenons are brought to a whole new level where thousands of fans discuss and argue over their favorite parts and the most promising aspects of the show.

There is a culture being expressed. Broadway shows do not exist in a shell, nor should they. Fans should be able to bring that love for something in a new direction. There are public forums for discussing video games, books, and movies. Performance art is just another way for someone to express who they are and what they are all about.

An online blog is a way to capture a bit of the energy of the real show. Fans can follow other fans as they express their views on the culture as a whole. There are online photo galleries that will recall very specific, and often poignant moments of the evenings they treasure.

Some of the most popular shows include A Christmas Story, Pippin, Matilda, Wicked, and A Picture of Autumn. Some are critically acclaimed; others, not so much, but the one thing they all have common is that there is a fan base somewhere that loves what they mean to them and are willing to tell the world. Visit the site to read more.

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