Settling Your Case After Being Involved In A Auto Accident

When one has a hard look at the statistics that are available on auto accident cases they show that very few actually go to trial. In order to lessen or even avoid time consuming and expensive litigation the majority of those that are involved in such a case find it to be in their best interest to hire an auto accident lawyer in Chicago and attempt to reach an out of court settlement agreeable to all concerned.

The best way to pursue a favorable out of court settlement is to advance the most compelling case you can to the insurance company of the at fault driver. Your auto accident lawyer can write a detailed letter advocating on your behalf, this letter will invariably result in detailed negotiations between the parties.

A demand letter is just that, a document that lays out all the facts of the case along with the circumstances of the accident. The letter will include details of all the medical treatments that were necessary, it is this initial letter that sets the stage for active negotiations. Other than to be in court, the demand letter is the only other alternative that the injured party has to present the most compelling case to the insurance company.

The auto accident lawyer in Chicago will prepare the letter in a very concise manner, ensuring that all the effects of the accident are made known. The letter will contain detailed information on all the medical treatment that was required, a complete accounting of the medical expenses including doctors, hospitals, physical therapist, etc as well as a statement of lost income. The settlement demanded will always be significantly higher than what the injured party can reasonably expect but it is only a tact that your lawyer will take, it allows for plenty of give and take during the negotiations which invariably follow.

The insurance company of the negligent party will reply of course, they will make an offer but it will be considerably lower than the amount they are actually willing to settle at. The insurance company is using the same tactic that your auto accident lawyer in Chicago is using except in their case they are hoping to lowball the offer. Both lawyers are hoping to settle somewhere in the middle.

Negotiations often go on for some time; if the insurance company stalls it may be helpful to your cause if you were to provide additional detail such as photographs showing the scars that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. The insurance company lawyers will quickly realize that you have a case which has every chance of prospering in court and they usually offer acceptable compensation.

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