The Right Labor & Employment Law Publisher Will Make Your Job Easier

One of the biggest concerns in the legal profession is making sure you have the right information at your fingertips to provide the best representation for your clients. Every time a state or federal appellate court makes a big decision, it has implications for how the law will be interpreted throughout that jurisdiction. Sometimes, the decisions have influence that stretches beyond the official boundaries of a jurisdiction. Because of this, you can never stop paying attention to what new decisions are coming down in other jurisdictions. With the right labor and employment law publisher, attorneys can keep abreast of the law – and only the law that affects their strategic decisions for their clients.

LawMemo, Inc is one of those publishers. Much smaller than Bloomberg and CCH – LawMemo, Inc. is the boutique labor and employment law publisher that does only that. It is dedicated to keeping lawyers and other professionals with an interest in human resource information up-to-date on what is happening in this field of law. The feature that many of their customers value most is the simple ability to conduct legal research, using their extensive labor and employment law database, based on key words. This can allow you to quickly find the specific cases that relate to what you are trying to do. Not only do you get information faster this way, but you are also less likely to overlook something that could be important to your work.

Even when you don’t specifically know what you’re looking for, LawMemo, Inc. works on your behalf because it provides customers with the ability to set up custom alerts, based on jurisdiction and topics. It also sends out appellate labor and employment law updates daily in its reporter called the Employment Law Memo. All updates provide summaries with links to the actual court’s opinion.

You can give your company and clients more value for your time if you allow LawMemo, Inc, the preferred labor and employment law publisher, to help you keep abreast of the updates in the law.


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